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New regarding Dragonfly Forge’s swordsmithing school, Tomboyama Nihonto Tanren Dojo (Dragonfly Mountain Japanese Sword Forging School)

2022 Class Schedule Announced

After two year of disrupted class schedules due to the global pandemic, we are happy to announce that the Dragonfly Mountain Japanese Sword Forging School will once again be scheduling forging classes for 2022.  

For now, we have planned three sessions of our most popular class, the Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course for 2022. Depending on the amount of interest, we remain open to scheduling a few more classes later in the year (August-September).  

We also have rescheduled a session of our Oroshigane (Steel-making) Seminar and an Intermediate Forging Course, but these classes are already full with students whose class was canceled in 2020.

The upcoming class schedule is as follows:  

March 19-20, 2022 – Oroshigane (Steel-making) Seminar

March 21-25, 2022 – Intermediate Tanto Forging Course

May 23-27, 2022 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

June 20-24, 2022 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

July 18-22, 2022 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

If you would like to attend a different class than we are currently offering, please let us know so we can consider adding it to the schedule.

Dragonfly Mountain Swordsmithing School in the time of Covid

2020 was a difficult and challenging year for most of us. At Dragonfly Forge we had to cancel all classes for the year and adjust to the new circumstances.

2021 begins a bit brighter with the expectation of an effective Covid vaccine.

However, there remains a great deal of uncertainty and for that reason we will not be scheduling any classes this year at Dragonfly Mountain Japanese Swordsmithing School.

This is a fluid situation and we intend to be active still in the sword and cutlery world.  Those of you interested in receiving first notice if/when we do offer classes again may sign-up for our school’s email newletter below.

Over the last decade and more it has been our pleasure to meet and work with so many interesting and accomplished people; many have become friends and some are like family. We hope you will stay in touch.

Michael and Gabriel Bell
Dragonfly Forge

2020 Class Schedule


March 2020
Monday March 23 – Friday, March 27 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

April 2020
Monday, April 27 – Friday, May 1 – Kajioshi-Habaki Combo-Course – CANCELED

May 2020
Monday, May 25 – Friday, May 29 – Koshirae/Shirasaya Course- CANCELED

June 2020
Monday, June 17 – Friday, June 21 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course – CANCELED

July 2020
Saturday, July 18 – Sunday, July 19 – Oroshigane (Steel-making) Seminar – CANCELED

Monday, July 20 – Friday, July 24 – Intermediate Japanese Sword Forging Course – CANCELED

Gabriel and Michael Bell appear on History in the Making

Dragonfly Forge is excited to announce our recent appearance on the documentary series History in the Making, which recently aired in the United Kingdom on the Quest TV Channel. We are proud to be featured alongside expert craftsmen of so many diverse backgrounds.

Each episode features the re-creation of three items: a tool, a weapon, a machine or an item of historical importance by expert craftsmen. It is a fascinating glimpse into historical crafts and the dedicated people continuing them in the modern world.

Viewers in the UK can watch our episode of History in the Making, Episode 4: Katana, Daguerreotype, Electric Guitar, on the Quest TV Channel website. It may also be airing in other parts of Europe, but we are unaware as to the specifics. Hopefully, the series will also air in North America in the near future.

In the meantime, one can watch the show’s trailer on the website of the content creator, Crook Horse Productions. If you watch closely enough, you can spot our sword!

2019 Class Schedule


March 2019
Monday March 25 – Friday, March 29 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

April 2019
Monday, April 1 – Friday, April 5 – Forging the Working Knife

May 2019
Monday, May 20 – Sunday, May 26 – Advanced Katana Forging Course

June 2019
Monday, June 17 – Friday, June 21 – Forging the Working Knife

July 2019
Monday, July 1 – Friday, July 5 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

August 2019
Monday, August 5 – Friday, August 9 – Kajioshi/Habaki Combo-Course – CANCELED

Monday, August 12 – Friday, August 16 – Koshirae/Shirasaya (Scabbard & Handle) Course

September 2019
Monday, September 23rd – Friday, September 27th – Forging the Working Knife

October 2019
Monday, October 7th – Friday, October 11th – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

2018 Sword-making School Class Schedule

March 2018
Monday March 26 – Friday, March 30 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

April 2018
Saturday, March 31 – Sunday, April 1 – Kajioshi Course

Saturday, April 7 – Sunday, April 8: Oregon Knife Collectors Association (OKCA) Knife Show in Eugene, Oregon

Monday, April 16 – Friday, April 22 – Advanced Katana Forging Course

May 2018
Monday, May 14 – Friday, May 18 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

Saturday, May 20 – Sunday, May 21 – Introduction to Forging Bi-metal Woodworking Tools

June 2018
Monday, June 25 – Friday, June 29 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course

July 2018
Saturday, June 30 – Sunday, July 1 – Habaki Course

Monday, July 30 – Friday, August 3 – Kajioshi/Habaki Combo-Course

August 2018
Monday, August 6 – Friday, August 10 – Koshirae/Shirasaya (Scabbard & Handle) Course

Saturday, August 11 – Sunday, August 12 – Tsuka-maki (Handle-wrapping) Course

September 2018
Monday, September 3 – Friday, September 7 – Forging the Working Knife

October 2018
Monday, October 1 – Friday, October 5 – Basic Japanese Sword Forging Course