3 thoughts on “May Basic Forging Course Concluded”

  1. I’ve always wanted to forge steel, and this course is absolutely the real thing.

    Michael, you’re an amazing teacher; you make it seem easy. Gabe, you are a pleasure to work with and incredibly informative.

    I really am delighted that we started with a piece of cable, heat welded it into a billet, and started hammering. From there we went to filing, heat treating, grinding, and finishing. at the end I have a gorgeous Tanto, one of the most beautiful blades I’ve ever seen, and I’ve loved Japanese swords since the late 50s.

    Thank you all for an amazing experience.

    1. Dear Montino,

      It was great to see you again. You were a pleasure to work with in the smithy. I think your project tanto came out exceptionally well.
      I hope we can get together again. I am looking forward to seeing the mounting you have made.

      Warmest regards,


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