May Basic Forging Course Fully Booked

Let this serve as an update for the 2011 School Year. The May 9-13 Basic Forging Course has now been fully booked. The other scheduled classes of 2011 are also beginning to fill up.

A reservation deposit is required to reserves one’s place in a scheduled session. Reservations are ‘first-come, first serve’, and may be made through our school’s website and PayPal, or by telephone.

2 thoughts on “May Basic Forging Course Fully Booked”

  1. I’m very interested in learning how to make Japanese swords and will like information about the classes also wondering if you know any schools in Florida that follow these Japanese tradition. I have study many Martial Arts (Ninjitsu,vee-jitsu,tae kown do,akido,Iado, MMA & Mordern jujitsu and kokoro ryu). (Satsuma family) southern japan. I’m currently in the United States Air Force and was wondering if i was to pursue this I will like to know if you have seminars or online courses.

    thank you

    1. Dear Mr. Fontanet

      Thanks for your interest in Japanese swords and our school. Tomboyama is the only school of its kind in the world that offers such a challenging and comprehensive selections of courses. I don’t know of any schools in Florida but there might be someone to help guide you along. You can also learn a lot from knifemakers who forge their own blades.

      Good luck.

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