So you want to become an apprentice swordsmith…

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“Michael Bell undertook a traditional five year apprenticeship to Japanese master swordsmith Nakajima Muneyoshi. Michael ‘s teacher, Mr. Nakajima, was unique in that he learned all of the Japanese sword arts: swordsmithing, polishing, habaki-making, as well as making koshirae. Usually each aspect of Japanese sword-making is preformed by a specialist; a sword can pass through the hands of four or more artists before being fully completed. It was for this reason that he was brought to Oakland, California in 1963 by the Japanese Sword Society of the United States; Mr. Nakajima could perform all the different jobs necessary to restore old swords. In 1970 Michael Bell was introduced to Mr. Nakajima and shortly thereafter became his apprentice.”

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10 thoughts on “So you want to become an apprentice swordsmith…”

  1. Wow! I’ve never expected that there is a Japanese style sword smithing course In U.S., which is a whole different & far from the country where the course originates from (Japan). I would like to study there VERY MUCH, if only I knew how to get there…(hiks…)

  2. I’m trying to find a swordsmith to apprentice with or a school located in Idaho. Unfortunately I have been unable to find anything with in this state. Can anyone out there help me?

  3. hi my name is Justin i have been obsessed with swords all my life and would really love to learn the ancient arts of being a swordsmith i would really enjoy taking part if its possible to take some courses in this field plz contact me

  4. First off let me say I have been trying to find a proper sword smith apprenticeship for over 2 years. I am hoping that it would be possible to have anyone with knowledge of one or more to contact me with the information. i am willing to apprentice for as long as necessary and do any necessary work in regards to obtaining and fulfilling an apprenticeship. I will please ask for only serious inquiries into this subject as i am serious in my drive to find a master in this field.
    thank you

  5. Hello, please disregard my email address, I am the furthest thing from a master swordsmith. What I wanted to say is I am looking to be a swordsmith for my career and was wondering if you can help me out. Im 16 and am looking into being an apprentice.

  6. Hey my name is rat bait and i really want to become a sword smith. I was just wondering if there is any where in Australia that teaches the art of sword making? and are there any sword smith masters looking for an apprentice?

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