Sword and Smith Forged, by Joe Pierre

An alumnus of our swordsmithing School Tomboyama Nihonto Tanren Dojo, Joe Pierre, has put together a three part documentary about our work, our swordsmithing school and classes, entitled Sword and Smith Forged, and shared it on YouTube. Joe attended our swordsmithing school in 2007, taking our Basic Forging Course under the instruction of Michael Bell, and returned again in 2008 for another session. The video footage he used was shot at our dojo on the southern Oregon coast, with some shot in our old smithy and some in our newer larger and better equipped shop. The film also includes photos of our work, and is narrated by Joe.

Thank you Joe for your diligent efforts producing this great documentary.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

One thought on “Sword and Smith Forged, by Joe Pierre”

  1. Hello, excellent documentary. I have recently opened a sword and weapon store and do not know a lot about forging them and found the videos informative and intriguing. I would like to learn how to forge one day and the course looks like something I would like to do. Hopefully in the future I will get some time and take the class. Excellent read. Thank you and God bless.

    “You need fire to forge a sword, but too much fire and the sword will be brittle, and break; too little, and the sword will be soft…and break.”

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