Forging the Working Knife

About the Course

This is a hands-on course designed to give the student a working familiarity with the tools and materials utilized in the forging of a knife blade.

Each student will forge their own blade of the pattern of their choosing from forge-welded wire rope, also sometimes referred to as ‘Cable Damascus’.

Skills learned will include forging, grinding, filing and heat-treating (including hardening and tempering), with attendant emphasis on metallurgy and proper shaping and aesthetics. Knife design fundamentals to be covered include blade geometry, differences in knife and handle designs.

Each student will affix a handle to their blade using handle materials available at Dragonfly Forge or brought by the student. Hand finishing fundamentals will be taught. Finally, students will learn to hand sharpen their knives using Japanese whet-stones.

All tools, fuel, and materials included.

This class is open to all students, regardless of previous experience.


The price of the course is $2075 and is limited to a maximum of four students per session. A deposit of $500 is required for reservations with the remaining tuition of due  a week before the first day of class.

No Sessions Scheduled At This Time


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